MS problems & frustrations

I have been noticing that there is a general feeling among all of us MSers (or is it that I just noticed the ones I recognized myself with?:)

I, too, am not feeling as great. I believe my MS is getting worse…or am I just having an attack?

I have become a bit less social I think…hmm not sure if it is true. I know it is due to my MS. I have been having peeing problems (can’t empty my bladder fully and as soon as I step out of the house I need a toilet! which is a problem especially when there isn’t one around!). I noticed that when going out (if ever) this problem is even more serious especially if I drink beer (from now on – no more beer – it wasn’t something I liked to drink anyways! So…good;). I also noticed that I decline parties and other social events because I am tired or because I think I am not going to be able to walk (or I will…but it would be very tiring so why bother…). I feel that I have become an orange skin accumulator… basically I am simply at home most of the time, I do not exercise anymore (which I am not happy about at all…! I want to go back to doing some sports)… I am considering starting on yoga… and maybe aerobics again.

What else? I am also wondering about this MS… Where is it going? How long do we have to wait for a cure? The article I previously posted is really impressive… I know my MS hasn’t advanced yet (to the point where I can’t walk at all anymore or something like that) but I feel like I am getting tired of fighting it already… why?

Wow… I am really frustrated… REALLY. But on top of all this… I know I have to go on fighting it, and I will! I just wanted to say that it is OK if we feel down sometimes…it is all part of having MS…

I feel like I wanted to say something more…but now I forgot… Can’t wait to go see my doctor for the regular 6-month check-up…planning to have a nice chat with her to see what the progress of my MS is so far…and request an MRI scan.

Best to you all!

Heads up;)


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  1. Accumulator Bladder
    May 17, 2007 @ 00:41:52

    My partner and I have come across a lot of different cures for several types of issues, like MS. It’s amazing what we are shown and what we aren’t shown in the media…or even at our doctor’s office. Do a little digging.


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