Hughes Syndrome: The blood disease that mimics Multiple Sclerosis!!

Could you have been wrongly diagnosed???
By Judy Graham

Up to 5% of those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis don’t have the disease at all. They have something called Hughes Syndrome, a hidden blood disease which in some ways mimics MS. It is also known as “Sticky Blood Syndrome”.

Instead of having MS, some patients could be suffering from this relatively new disease which mimics some symptoms of MS.

Like MS, Hughes Syndrome can affect mobility, memory, the speech and the nervous system. But the differences. Hughes Syndrome is easy and cheap to treat…


For more info on Hughes syndrome (APS) go to:

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  1. sofija
    Feb 28, 2007 @ 10:13:57

    this is really scary…all of the symptoms that they mentioned I had… gonna get in touch with my doctor to test..just in case… to get rid of the doubt…:)


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