LDN & Multiple Sclerosis

Low Dose Naltrexone…

…And this is yet another treatment for MS… seems to be effective…but still needs to undergo a clinical trial to see if the original results can be replicated…

  • “Over the past few years, growing experience with the clinical use of LDN demonstrates its consistency in preventing further attacks in people with MS. In addition, a majority of such patients note reductions in spasticity and fatigue.
  • Clinically the results are strongly suggestive of efficacy. Ninety-eight to 99% of people experience no more disease progression, whether the disease category is relapsing-remitting or chronic progressive.
  • It should be emphasized that in spite of the plentitude of clinical experience described above, in the absence of a formal clinical trial of LDN in MS, these results cannot be considered scientific, but rather anecdotal. A clinical trial, preferably by a pharmaceutical company with some experience with MS, is clearly needed to determine whether these results can be replicated. If they can be, they are likely to lead to widespread use of this extremely non-toxic drug in the treatment of MS.”

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Edgar Cayce’s Approach to Multiple Sclerosis

From Edgar Cayce’s website:

Edgar Cayce often remarked that a change in mental and spiritual attitudes was the first priority in the healing of multiple sclerosis (MS). The first shift in attitudes was to be a change in the person’s understanding of why he had the illness:

“While there might be much given as to that which has caused or produced the conditions, these should be rather viewed by the entity, the body (716), in this attitude: ‘The physical conditions that have come upon me are those most necessary for my own soul’s development.'” (716-1)

With this attitude adjustment toward one’s condition, Cayce also emphasized a positive mental attitude about the healing process. He encouraged individuals to expect to be healed. He emphasized the importance of patience. The readings state that in patience we become aware of ourselves as souls – an important step in soul development. From a practical standpoint, patience is important because nervous system regeneration is a long process requiring daily application of the Wet Cell Battery and massage.

Another essential aspect of attitude adjustment is applied spirituality. This may manifest in various ways. It may manifest as more kindness, gentleness and consideration toward others. It may be a positive attitude toward the treatments, which results in more consistency and persistency in their application. The readings say it is important to be good, but also to be good for something.

The second key component in Edgar Cayce’s approach to treating MS is the Wet Cell Battery used with vibratory solutions. Daily sessions of about 30 minutes, followed by a massage, were standard. Gold chloride was the primary solution used with the battery. However, iodine (Atomidine), camphor and silver nitrate were included for certain cases.

For MS, Cayce typically recommended a basic balanced diet consisting mainly of vegetables and fruits. Avoidance of fried and highly processed foods was encouraged. Fish, fowl or lamb were the primary meats allowed. Seafood was often mentioned as beneficial. Carrots were the frequently recommended vegetable. Gelatin was often suggested, which was to be sprinkled over the grated vegetables.


Interesting view… might not be new for some of you but it is quite encouraging for me:)

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HS follow up..

Dear all…

I have contacted my nurse with regards to the possibility of HS… She told me I will have to see the doctor first and bring them the information I got and then they will see if it is necessary to check for it…since they are sure I was correctly diagnosed..but ‘you never know’ – she admitted..:)

Take care