Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, October 4, 2006

New research confirms that niacinamide, also known as vitamin B-3, is a key to the successful treatment of multiple sclerosis and other nerve diseases. Niacinamide, say researchers at Harvard Medical School, “profoundly prevents the degeneration of demyelinated axons and improves the behavioral deficits.”

This is very good news, but it is not at all new news. Over 60 years ago, Canadian physician H.T. Mount began treating multiple sclerosis patients with intravenous B-1 (thiamine) plus intramuscular liver extract, which provides other B-vitamins. He followed the progress of these patients for up to 27 years. The results were excellent and were described in a paper published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in 1973.

Mount was not alone. Forty years ago, Frederick Robert Klenner, M.D., of North Carolina, was using vitamins B-3 and B-1, along with the rest of the B-complex vitamins, vitamins C and E, and other nutrients including magnesium, calcium and zinc to arrest and reverse multiple sclerosis. Klenner’s complete treatment program was originally published as “Treating Multiple Sclerosis Nutritionally,” Cancer Control Journal 2:3, p 16-20.

Nutritional therapy is inexpensive, effective and, most important, safe. There is not even one death per year from vitamins.

Vitamin supplementation is not the problem. It is under-nutrition that is the problem. Vitamins are the solution.

Restoring health must be done nutritionally, not pharmacologically. All cells in all persons are made exclusively from what we drink and eat. Not one cell is made out of drugs.

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I found this alternative medicine to be very interesting. Especially since it seems to be something that has been around for so long, and that was actually recorded as helping/curing people with MS…

I visited the Insitut for Orthomolecular Medicine where I live and I must say that after an hour-long consultation I came out with a positive and happy look on my face. I am going to try to follow this ‘excessive vitamin intake’ (I actually started already:) and hope that it will shed a light on my hopes… As I am taking the prescribed (more like, recommended) vitamins, I am also taking pills that are supposed to clear my body of ‘metals’ (some of you might have heard about the connection between an increase of ‘metals’ in the body and the development of MS…). This ‘cleaning’ can also be done intravenously if necessary (or if preferred..:).

I must say that I am very enthusiastic about this ‘new approach’ I am taking to handle my MS. I’ve heard of people with MS who have tried this and it actually helped..(yes, we all know that we are so different and react differently to everything but still…it gives a bit of hope:).

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  1. sofija
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 00:44:06

    Hey all..!
    if in need of additional info I suggest you look at the link ‘orthomolecular medicine & MS’.. for a more ‘person-specific approach’ contact your local orthomolecular clinic/center :o) they will guide you in the direction that suits your MS best.
    Best wishes


  2. kali75b
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 18:49:05

    Hello I am new to this site.
    My husband suffers from MS. We live in MA where any herbal type/vitamin regimen is frowned upon. I trully believe that he would benefit from this type of program but I don’t know where to start looking. I have family in DE where we could visit if I new of a doctor to go to near by or even in Maryland but I really don’t know where to start looking. Can anyone offer some assistance and point me in the right direction?
    I have read which vitamins help with what and have done a lot of research but I want a specialist to put it together since they know what vitamins go with what. Thank you in advance for any info you may offer.


  3. maggsbunny
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 20:10:54

    Hi Sofija. Interesting post, as always. I am in posession of a vitamin ‘program’ that is thought to help greatly for MS. They are actually doing clinical trials in South Africa to establish the efficacy of it. If you are interested in comparing it to your own regime, drop me a line and leave your email and I’ll send it to you.
    Apparently iron is crucial for remyelination and the program in built around this. Good luck to you.


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