(how to…) Manage your life with MS…

An interesting story on how you can ‘manage MS’ (one of the many ways of course:)

Leonard Flynn, an organic chemist, was diagnosed with MS in 1988. He believes he is healthier now than he has been in years. To prove it, he amazingly climbed Mount Scenery, a peak that has more than 1000 stony steps cut into its steep side. He attributes his improved health to a low-saturated-fat diet that some studies suggest slows the course of this disease.

(For instance, the Swank MS Diet is a low saturated fat diet used for the management of MS championed by Dr. Roy L. Swank since 1948. The results of his study showed that those who followed the diet had not shown any significant deterioration of their condition over a 34 year period. Conversely, those that did not follow the diet did significantly deteriorate over the same period. More recent articles, have shown that after 44 years, the patients who had continued to follow this diet had not shown any significant deterioration of their condition. However, Dr. Swank’s research has been disputed by some, due to lacking documented double blind testing. For that reason, many in the medical community do not accept the Swank Diet as a treatment for MS.)

Leonard Flynn also takes the same antioxidant nutrients thought to protect against cancer and heart disease: vitamins C and E, selenium and beta-carotene, the yellow pigment found in carrots, cantaloupe and other orange and yellow fruits and vegetables. Plus he eats lots of fatty fish, mostly sardines, salmon and water-packed tuna, and relies on sunflower oil and safflower oil for additional fat.


This is not to say that MS isn’t a serious condition or that it can be cured by a particular diet. But there are ways to make life with MS easier. A healthy diet is important to maximize function and to decrease the disability that occurs in MS.


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