Daily Diet – MS…and in general..:o)

Sclerosis is no longer a disease one is powerless about. Nowadays, even though the disease itself cannot be cured, there are different medical treatments, and the disease’s activity can be slowed down with immunomodulators. A healthy diet is advisable by many as well.. I will later on write some recipes for a “healthy MS diet”  but first, here are seven advises for a good ‘daily diet’ you should practice:

1.       Meat: lean, max twice a week.

2.       Egg: 1 egg max twice a week.

3.        Milk/cheese: low-fat, in moderate portions.

4.       Fish: gladly 2-3 times a week.

5.       Oil: 1-3 spoons of cold-pressed vegetable oil a day.

6.       Vegetables  & fruits: many times daily, fresh or frozen.

Whole-grain products are preferred

7.       Sugar, alcohol, smoking, other individual intolerances: reduce as much as possible.

* Regular meals and smaller snacks are recommended especially when having tiredness-related problems.

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