Various forms of MS..

    • I haven’t heard of these forms prior to today… the other diseases that are “similar” to MS I’ve mentioned before..but not these.
  • MS may present in an acute and clinically fulminant form (termed Marburg variant of MS) or may present with concomitant optic nerve involvement and necrotizing myelopathy (ie, neuromyelitis optica [NMO] or Devic disease, considered by some to be an MS variant). However, MS must be distinguished from other neuroinflammatory disorders, including acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), Schilder disease, and Baló concentric sclerosis.
  • ADEM is considered an isolated postinfectious or postvaccinial autoimmune attack on the CNS that leads to diffuse demyelination. It is often devastating, and occasionally has a fulminant hemorrhagic component (in which case it is termed acute hemorrhagic encephalomyelitis or leukoencephalitis of Weston Hurst).
  • Schilder disease is characterized in children and young adolescents by massive demyelination, presenting often as asymmetrical foci (often the size of an entire lobe) in the white matter by MRI, and presenting with a malignant course (ie, deterioration over months or a few years with cortical blindness, hemiplegia, or paraplegia). Some patients, however, may respond to steroids and immunosuppressive therapy.
  • Baló concentric sclerosis is considered by some authors to be a variant of Schilder disease, with MRI lesions showing a characteristic alternating pattern of spared and damaged white matter that suggests progression of the disease process from the ventricles outward. Baló disease often is associated with a more inflammatory CSF and a more fulminant progression than typical MS.

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