My MS update…

About a month ago I received great news about my progress with MS. I have done an MRI scan as part of the “evaluation” for the Tysabri treatment… and the results were great :) :) Three years ago I had 13 lesions, 3 of which were active… this time.. I had less than 9 lesions, none active, and no new ones! It was the greatest news ever and I was so happy.. all my efforts paid off.. the fight must now go on.. easier said than done..but I am motivated to go on and fight MS..! :)

For the past three years I’ve gone through so many different things that I cannot possibly pinpoint only one as the reason for my improvement. But I will include all of the things that I’ve done during these years which might have all together contributed to the improvement..

First of all, I believe that the fact that I immediately started treatment when I was diagnosed and continued to do so throughout these years has helped as well. I also went from eating everything (not paying too much attention to the right ‘diet’) to leading a healthier life. This included not only the elimination of unnecessary fats but also the consumption of vitamins and regular exercise.

For a year and a half I was going to the physiotherapist every week on a regular basis where I was doing exercises aimed at restoring balance, and gaining back strength among other things. For the past 4 months I had the opportunity to use also a swimming pool, a sauna, different Turkish baths and a greater array of gym equipments. I believe exercising also helped me feel better with myself and keep my mind ‘free’ from worries…at least for the time being…it simply made me feel good ;)

At the beginning of 2008 I started on a Chinese herbal tea “especially made” to treat my MS (this lasted for a month circa). After that, in March 2008, I started following an orthomolecular approach to MS – an alternative method to treating MS whereby more than the usual amount of vitamin intake was recommended (vitamins particularly aimed at people with MS:) as well as the elimination of all heavy metals in the body (this included the elimination of all amalgam from my teeth). The orthomolecular treatment also included an intravenous one-hour “cleansing” of the system right after all metals were removed from my teeth.

I believe that leading a more “relaxed” life also contributed a lot. I know for fact that when I am stressed my MS acts out (I feel it in my body – I get ‘attacks’ …). The sessions I’ve had with my psychologist have helped me a lot in terms of getting to know myself better and learning to stress down – I see a big difference there – as well as learning to pace myself…

I know that MS is different from person to person.. but getting to understand your body & how MS affects it, learning how to pace yourself, together with a healthier diet, regular exercise, and a stress-free approach to life might be the starting point to improving your MS as well! :)

Best of luck for the coming new year to all! :o)

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