Vitamin D link to MS…

The first two paragraphs are from Medical News Today (found under ‘links’) and the last one is from the UK’s Telegraph (link provided here).

Interesting connection…my diagnose came after I moved from ‘sunny’ – tropical climate to Scandinavia…hm… wonder if my mother was not consuming ‘enough’ D vitamins during pregnancy..? :p

Vitamin D And Gene Variant Affect MS Risk

Researchers in the UK and Canada have discovered that vitamin D and a particular gene variant interact to increase the risk of developing MS, and suggested that vitamin D deficiency during fetal growth and early childhood may increase the risk of developing MS in later life.

Genetic Study Shows Direct Link Between Vitamin D And MS Susceptibility ‘Gene’

Scientists have found evidence that a direct interaction between vitamin D and a common genetic variant alters the risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS). The causes of MS are unclear, but it has become evident that both environmental and genetic factors play a role. Previous studies have shown that populations from Northern Europe have an increased MS risk if they live in areas receiving less sunshine. This supports a direct link between deficiency in vitamin D, which is produced in the body through the action of sunlight, and increased risk of developing the condition.

Vitamin D for pregnant women could cut MS rates

Giving all pregnant women vitamin D supplements could cut the number of MS sufferers by up to 80 %, new research suggests. Scientists have proved a long suspected link between Vitamin D and MS, a finding that could prevent tens of thousands of people developing the condition in future generations

They suspected that vitamin D, which is produced by the body when it comes into contact with sunlight, could play a key role. In laboratory experiments they discovered that vitamin D has a direct impact on a sequence of DNA known to be key to the disease. In particular it played a vital role in making the genes develop and perform properly. “If too little of the vitamin is available, the genes may not function properly”


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