Fingolimod and Cladribine: Show promising clinical trial results for MS therapy

I previously mentioned under the post ‘new MS drug discoveries’ (Sept. 11, 2008) how oral treatments for MS are to be released within the next six months… 

Well here is what I just found is being done… (as reported in ‘Medical News Today’ :)

The results of current clinical trials on new substances for MS therapy are among the new research findings that are being discussed with particular interest at the ENS meeting. (…) An earlier study showed that oral fingolimod reduced the annualizied relapse rate in MS patients by more than 50 percent versus placebo. 

Professor Comi reports that “After four years, patients continuously treated with the substance had a low relapse rate, and 63% to 70% of these patients remain relapse free,” (…) “The majority of those patients treated also remained free from inflammatory activity and disability progression.” 

Another trial being presented in Milan by an international study group investigated the efficacy of a cladribine tablet therapy that is also in development. “Cladribine is a prodrug, and selective effects on lymphocytes provide targeted and sustained immunomodulation, permitting the investigation of an oral short-course annual treatment,” Professor Comi explained. The CLARTY study included 1,326 patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. The results, summarized by Professor Comi, are very promising: “Treatment with two different doses cladribine tablets in the CLARTY study resulted in a significant reduction in relapse rates (-58% for low dose and -55% for high dose) and significant reduction in disability progression relative to placebo with both doses. When taken alongside the MRI and safety data, the results provide clear evidence supporting the key role of the drug in the treatment of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.” 

As always… promising news :)

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