Natural Killer research & CNS repair in MS

Looking at the studies covered in Medical News Today over the past ten days we could read about some promising general findings…

The first one I’d like to bring up is the one published in the journal Nature Immunology, and it looks at a specific subset of immune cells called Natural Killer (NK) cells. What a name hu? Well, these cells are specialized immune cells that play a role in killing and removing infected or unhealthy cells, which include cancerous cells. And therefore, they are known to be involved in preventing cancer. However, so far their involvement in MS has been less clear. Nevertheless, it is claimed that some studies suggest that these cells may dampen down the activity of other immune cells thought to be involved in the damage to myelin caused in MS. In sum, this research has enhanced the basic understanding that experts had so far of how the immune system works. And this is a great thing! It is still to be determined how exactly this finding will directly be applied to MS.

On the other hand, a more MS-specific research has unveiled new hopes for MS patients. The news dates Sept. 14th 2009 and I will just bring a short quote from the text here:

A Mayo Clinic study has found that two genes in mice were associated with good central nervous system repair in MS. These findings give researchers new hope for developing more effective therapies for patients with MS and for predicting MS patients’ outcomes.

(please refer to the link Medical News Today under “links” if you want to read the whole article:)

Both are great news that still need some research/confirmation..but still…it shows that we should never give up hope..research is continuously being done in the MS field=)



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