Lapacho/Taheebo Tea & MS

A friend has informed me about this tea yesterday. She said she read about it and found it rather interesting, due to its curing potential. I have done a bit of research on it but didn’t find any detailed information on its effect on MS but only that it has been used for MS too, among all other ailments… It comes from Pau d’arco (bow tree) found in the Amazons:

Aborigines of Brazil, northern Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and other South American countries traditionally use the inner lining of the tree bark for medicinal purposes, and there is evidence that its use may even pre-date the Incas.

Applied both internally and externally, the bark was used to treat fevers, infections, colds, influenza, syphilis, cancer, respiratory problems, skin ulcerations and boils, dysentery, gastrointestinal ailments, arthritis, prostatitis, circulatory problems, as well as other debilitating ailments.

It was also an accepted cure for lupus, diabetes, Hodgkins disease, osteomylelitis, Parkinson’s disease, and psoriasis. Indians used it to relieve pain, disinfect, treat leprosy, and as a diuretic and antidote to poisons.

I would suggest everyone who can find it to give it a try…there’s nothing we can loose by just trying might at least help us into the Winter season :) I am definitely going to buy it as it is available here in Scandinavia as I heard from my friend.

You can read more details about this anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant etc. tea and the clinical laboratory studies under Links.


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