Tysabri — a drug haunted by a deadly side effect or is it?

I have come across a rather interesting and good article a few days ago, which covers all perspectives regarding the positives & negatives about Tysabri / PML….

It is rather interesting..and a bit long maybe but it sums up quite a few interesting insights. It starts by saying how PML went from being a rather unknown brain infection back in 2005, and generally considered a ‘death sentence’…to being not as deadly as first feared… the author then shows a table that shows what is most haunting for all of us on Tysabri..namely the PML cases/deaths:

Nr. of patients who have taken Tysabri Nr. of PML cases Deaths
Feb.2005 3,000 3 2
18.Nov.09 63,000 27 5

For more information on the ‘nature & politics’ behind this ‘haunted’ drug visit go under Links to the right “Tysabri – the ‘haunted’ MS drug” and if you want to read more on the report on the increased cases of PML then visit the link “PML – 23 new cases!”

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