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Just when I thought that there was a question of yet another study done regarding husbands to women with MS …this wasn’t the case. The title in the Medical News Today article dated Nov 25th starts: “Husbands Studies…”… a tiny bit misleading maybe : ) but not really, as it relates to A particular husband whose wife has MS – Dr. Zamboni! I did not know this. But it is nice to know he dedicated his medical research to MS… regardless of when he did it :p

Anyways, I will cite the whole article here as it is a follow up on the CCSVI research..and might interest some of the readers in the area… wish I could be ‘recruited’ for these trials..I’d like to give it a shot one day : p

News reports this week have detailed the research of Canadian scientists Dr Paolo Zamboni, who is a professor of medicine at the University of Ferrara in Italy and whose wife has multiple sclerosis (MS).

Dr Zamboni claims from his studies of MS literature to have discovered what he believes could be a revolution for the treatment and diagnosis of the life-long condition.

Now, researchers at Buffalo University in New York are recruiting 1,700 adults and children from the United States and Canada to test his hypothesis.

His theory centres around the repeated references in research text books to deposits of iron in the blood vessels and a link to MS.

Excess deposits of the heavy metal have been proven to lead to inflammation and cell death in the laboratory. These are both characteristics of MS.

Using ultrasound to examine the vessels leading in and out of the brain, Dr. Zamboni tested his theory in people and found that in a majority, including his spouse who he also experimented upon, the veins draining blood from the brain were malformed or blocked. In people without MS, they were not.

He further suggested that iron was damaging the blood vessels and allowing the heavy metal, along with other unwelcome cells, to cross the crucial brain-blood barrier, a process termed Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI).

As always, more research is needed…

…. to pin down any relationship between CCSVI and MS…

*my two previous posts on CCSVI :


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