Does Childbirth Slow MS…?

Pregnancy & MS… a rather interesting notion.. there have been many reports on the fact that pregnant women with MS have no ‘attacks’ during… that is to say, they go into a state of remission while pregnant.. It is amazing how the body ‘naturally’ reacts to protecting both the child and mother during pregnancy.

On this note… on Nov. 24th 2009, a Belgian study was reported as suggesting that giving birth actually slows the progression of MS. In the study it was found that women who had given birth to one or more children at any point in time before or after the start of symptoms were 34% less likely to progress in disability than childless women.

Despite some of the study’s drawbacks (you can read more on these by clicking on Medical News Today under ‘links’) it can be argued that it is a stepping stone for further research aimed at discovering the relation between disease progression & pregnancy…

Regarding pregnancy & MS… I’d like to add that it is also known that postpartum women with MS experience their worst relapses thus far.. : (

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