Experimental drug – a possible future treatment for MS…

Here is something I read last week (at Medical News Today 21 Nov 2009) but left it for a later update…

It is interesting as it is about a drug being studied as possible treatment for spinal injuries, in general, and for the treatment of MS in particular as well — states article.

This drug is said to be able to restore the nerve function of damaged nerves in the spinal cord by preventing short circuits caused when tiny “potassium channels” in the fibers are exposed.

In addition, the experimental compound, 4-aminopyridine-3-methyl hydroxide, has been shown to restore function to damaged axons, slender fibers that extend from nerve cells and transmit electrical impulses in the spinal cord. Findings, based on experiments with guinea pig spinal cord tissue, appeared online Nov. 18 in the Journal of Neurophysiology.

The reason why it can be used for the treatment of MS as well is simply due to the fact that myelin (the sheath insulating the axons) is also damaged in MS.

For more information on the details of this experimental drug check the Medical News Today link to the right ; )

…and remember, hope is last to die…there is progress being made in all areas… every day.. : )

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