Cladribine news – timeline

Today I read that Cladribine has not been granted a go ahead by the FDA in the US…so I thought I’d give a look at the process of my report on the drug from when it was first announced together with other potential future treatments last year. And this is how it started…

First in Sept 2008, potential future great drug treatments for MS were announced:


Then again in April the studies & benefits of that same drug were connected to cancer:


And in July Cladribine was being announced as being available soon in Europe as the (potentially) first oral disease modifying drug available to people with MS:


Then more promising clinical trial results where reported in July:


And brief updates on the process of the drug were then given in October:


And finally, as of December 1st 2009 the drug has not (fortunately or unfortunately? who knows..) been approved by the FDA:

so… it is yet to be seen what will happen with this ‘potentially great first oral treatment for MS’



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