MS: in-depth information

Last year in July I started creating a ppt with all facts I could find regarding MS.. I last updated it in December…and have finally found out how to make it public, post it online.. glad I figured this out : o )

So here it is..just click on the link below and it will open a pdf file containing everything I found about MS including:

Quick facts

What is MS?

World distribution of MS

What is MS & why it happens?

What is Myelin & what MS does to it?

What are the symptoms of MS?

Epidemology of MS

Is MS Fatal?

Historical facts

History of medicine’s understanding of MS

Drugs for MS

New drug discoveries

here is the link:

I hope you find it useful and informative… I am hoping to continue updating this pdf with new valuable information for us MSers.


ps. note that I have not included CCSVI in this presentation as I believe it merits a presentation in its own due to its long history and the debate revolving around it (check the links to my previous posts on this topic below)

ps.s. : )  I’d be happy to hear from you if you have anything to add : )


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