Tablets instead of unpleasant injections – soon!!!

Wow I was offline for three days and so much has happened…it is so difficult to keep pace with the news in the MS field : ) but that can just be a good thing ; )

I’ll start in chronological order… thus the first thing here is the reconfirmation of the ‘near-future’ treatment with pills for MS patients. The article in Medical News Today (dated 21.01.10) is entitled: “Pills To Treat MS Could Be Round The Corner” : The studies suggest that the oral therapies, potentially the first of their kind for relapsing remitting MS, are at least as effective as current drugs on the market and could be available as early as next year.

Another article from the same source (and same date) further mentions disease’s relapse reduction & progression from the use of Cladribine (previously mentioned in my blog… latest on January 21st this year and with the whole timeline published on December 1st 2009). The newest article further reaffirms the drug’s previously mentioned benefits whereas it claims that it in addition “goes a long way to eliminating the unpleasent side effects associated with existing therapies”

…. “Cladribine promises to be the first ever treatment in tablet form for MS, and only needs be taken for between 8-10 days a year, eliminating the need for regular injections and intravenous infusions otherwise endured by sufferers. The ease which Cladribine tablets can be administered, combined with its relatively few side effects, make it a hugely exciting development in the world of MS.

On January 23rd 2010 the 2-year results from the CLARITY study with Cladribine tablets for MS were published in the NEw England Journal of Medicine: CLARITY Study

There is definitely SO MUCH to look forward in the coming year!!!

Stay positive!! ; o )

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