Potentially new MS treatment – blocking cell movement

Today, the Medical News Today site published an article on yet another discovery in the field of MS research. This research connects autoimmune diseases, such as MS, and cancer. I had previously mentioned this relation on this blog (see for instance here ).

In the research I am mentioning they have found new ways to block the movement of cells in the body, which can cause autoimmune diseases and the spread of cancer. The researchers have identified molecular “receptors” on the surface of cells which are involved in helping cells migrate to sites where they can cause disease.

A number of diseases like cancer and autoimmune diseases, such as MS and arthritis, involve the inappropriate migration of cells,” says Professor McColl. “Our research shows that these receptors which help the cells migrate can be blocked pharmacologically, preventing the cell migration which causes the disease.”

Based on this knowledge, a number of such receptors in MS has been identified, and researchers have developed potential therapeutic drugs that could control this disease, among other autoimmune diseases.

This is definitely more exciting news in the area of MS research! : ) It is always so nice to read that MS research is constantly being done and that new drugs are being developed which are able to improve the quality of life for us MSers.

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