Preliminary CCSVI Results Announced!

We have all been waiting for this… : )

The newest CCSVI findings were briefly mentioned on February 11th (Medical News Today site : ) and in more detail (on the same site) on February 12th.

The preliminary results of CCSVI testing have been announced. The results are optimistic..but to me these were rather surprising as I thought all MS patients had the predisposition to CCSVI… no worries..this is just the initial phase, more research is to be done to determine the importance of CCSVI for MS.

Here is a highlight from the preliminary results:

More than 55 percent of multiple sclerosis patients participating in the initial phase of the first randomized clinical study to determine if persons with MS exhibit narrowing of the extracranial veins, causing restriction of normal outflow of blood from the brain, were found to have the abnormality.

I believe this to be the most important part of the article.. for more details visit the Medical News Today link to the right ; )

I will bring up the links to my previous postings related to CCSVI here again…from news to history of CCSVI:

A (maybe more understandable & detailed) description of CCSVI:


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