A possible onset mechanism for MS discovered

Here you can read about yet another research towards understanding the complex disease that MS is : o)

Medical News Today, March 1st 2010:

A group of researchers from the Catholic University of Rome, led by Francesco Ria & Giovanni Delogu, have explained for the first time how a  non-pathogenic bacterium is capable of triggering an autoimmune disease similar to multiple sclerosis in the mouse (…).

Their research is based on the “autoimmune hypothesis”. This hypothesis states that a viral or bacterial pathogen similar to specific molecules of the Central Nervous System causes an inflammation which provokes a reaction of the immune system. This reaction ends up destroying the brain cells.

What their research has demonstrated is that in an animal model it is possible to be infected with something not carrying any disease, and later on develop a purely autoimmune disease.

The hope still remains to defeat MS! The researchers say they could even imagine to develop a vaccine by which we could prevent the immune response associated to multiple sclerosis.

(for more details on how the research was done visit the Medical News Today link to the right ; )


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