Detecting MS in the blood… leading to a cure..!?!?!

I haven’t have the time to update the blog recently..sorry for that but I will make sure to update all things I’ve so far read and found relevant. Here is one of them. I’ll bring up the main things stated in the article (for more info check the link to the right)

(From Medical News Today – article dated 03 May 2010)

A breakthrough finding from a Tel Aviv University scientist and physician promises to lead to earlier diagnosis, more effective intervention, and perhaps even a cure MS!

This finding might provide clues for early intervention. If doctors can predict the onset of MS early enough, intervention therapies using immunomodulatory drugs such as Copaxone or beta-interferon drugs that stave off MS symptoms, might be used.


These early genetic markers may now be used to test for multiple sclerosis up to nine years before healthy young adults start developing symptoms. And because MS is thought to have a genetic component and a tendency to be found in siblings, Prof. Achiron says the biomarkers can be used as a tool for brothers and sisters of patients.

When Prof. Achiron was aksed why test in advance of a cure he replied: “the idea is that we’ll know more about the genetics of MS through this new discovery, with the hope that early intervention therapies may be more effective, and help advance medicine toward a cure” .

This new insight into who will develop MS in the future is a first on the path of finding a cure to the disease.

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