Hope for the future of MS stem cell research

“Bone Marrow Stem Cells Show Exciting Potential For Multiple Sclerosis Treatment” is the title of the article published on May 6th on the Medical News Today website (see link to the right under “Links”).

The article mentions that a groundbreaking trial, which aimed at testing bone marrow stem cell therapy with a small group of people with MS, shows how it has possible benefits for the treatment of MS. The purpose of the trial was to discover what kind of effects, be it good or bad, bone marrow stem cells has on MS patients, and their disability. In several experimental studies done previously, this stem cell therapy has been shown to have beneficial effects in disease models of MS.


“Research into the underlying mechanisms is ongoing and vital, in order to build on these results. We believe that stem cells mobilised from the marrow to the blood are responsible, and that they help improve disease in several ways, including neuroprotection and immune modulation.”

The next day (May 7th 2010) an article mentions that guidelines regarding stem cells and MS have been made.

Researchers have agreed that stem cells are likely to have a significant role to play in the treatment of MS, but also warn that expectations should be realistic. Professor Gianvito Martino said: “At this stage it is unreasonable to claim that stem cells are a magic cure for MS. It is, however, likely that they will one day play an important role in treating the condition.”

Which is why the booklet with guidelines was created and I think it is a great source of information regarding stem cells and how it works for MS in particular ; ). It is a public information booklet created in partnership by MS Societies from the UK, USA, Italy, France and Australia and the MSIF summarises the guidelines for people affected by MS: “Stem Cell Therapies in MS”.

I think this is a great research is a great step forward : o )


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