Living in a “cleaner society” might have caused your MS?

Medical News Today (July 20th 2010):

Scientists seem to have discovered a link between gut bacteria and MS.

They claim that microorganisms seem to play some role in the cause of MS, which remains still unknown. The researchers started from the following proposition and based on literature on bacteria & MS:

“As we live cleaner, we’re not just changing our exposure to infectious agents, but we’re changing our relationship with the entire microbial world, both around and inside us, and we may be altering the balance between pro- and anti-inflammatory bacteria,” leading to diseases like MS, Mazmanian says.

As they gained an appreciation for how profoundly the gut microbiota can affect the immune system, they then decided to question if symbiotic bacteria are the missing variable in the mice with MS they were researching on. They claim that there is a clear connection between gut microbes and MS, and that dysbiosis (the dysregulation of normal gut bacterial populations) may be the explanation for the rising rate of MS seen in recent years in more hygienic societies. (!)

“Bacteria will kill you” huh? hmmm…maybe it was better for us MSers to be “dirtier”/unhygienic…? wonder what happens if we start now.. be unhygienic… find it difficult to believe as it is exactly what my nurse discouraged…”be as hygienic as possible sweetie, you don’t want something extra to get you”, she said. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what they find out from further research.

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