To CCSVI or not to CCSVI… that is the question.

We’ve all heard about CCSVI… and have our hopes high that these claims will be confirmed soon…while some are already undergoing necessary treatments others question the research and raise an alert tone…

Many still question what Zamboni claims… one can’t but wonder if his claims are indeed 100% correct or if the various critics should be paid attention to before undergoing this “risky” procedure…(and note the use of quotation marks..)

I’d really love to do it if it is proved through more trials that it indeed works.. until then I can only hope that those of you considering to undergo this procedure have had all the necessary information about it ; )

…so here is what Medical News Today reported on August 3rd:

CCSVI questioned

and another article on this too: more questions


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  1. uprightposturedoctor
    Aug 17, 2010 @ 10:15:42

    The injuries caused by the liberation procedure pale in comparison to those caused by drugs used to treat MS such as corticosteroids and interferon. The problem lies in the weakness of the exam that uses ultrasound, which has flaws. It is also an indirect assesment in that it is does not measure flow in the brain itself. Phase contrast upright MR angiograms are much more accurate and make far more sense for determing venous outflow from the brain but they are more expensive. While I agree with Zamboni on the role CCSVI in neurodegenerative dieseases, I don’t agree with him on the cause which he attributes to jugular and venous stenosis. The cause of the supratentorial hyperintensity signals seen in MS are instead, most likely due to violent venous back jets into the brain as suggested by Dr. Alfons Schelling, not venous stenosis. Lastly chronic venous drainage issues are most likely due to back pressure against the vertebral veins which humans use for upright posture. For further information on CCSVI, please visit my website I would like to hear your comments and questions.


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