Sun, sunlight, sunshine, heat & MS….

How many times have we heard that “the sun is not good for MSers…”, “people with MS lack sufficient vitamin D” and so on…

Now what do you think/feel when you read one article titled:

Warm weather may hurt thinking skills in people with MS (Medical News Today February 18th.2011)

– and another one titled: How sunlight may reduce the severity of Multiple Sclerosis (same source, date: March 4th 2011).

You probably think “boy, let me be slower and stupid for the sake of reducing the severity of my MS”??? lol..hope not! but it does confuse the reader doesn’t it..? For me in particular, too much sun exposure doesn’t do any good, I’m feeling much slower, drowsy and what not on super-sunny super-hot I don’t see how the “severity” of my MS is possibly reduced by the sunlight…but maybe one should take just a biiiiiit of sun a day..or week…and not too much in order to reduce the severity of the disease..?

I think what I might just wanna add here is…. increase your vitamin D3 intake!! (foods, vitamins…maybe sun if it works for ya;)

keep shining!!:):)

(for the source go under “links” – Medical News Today)


‘MS’ Blocked in Mice – new hopes raised..?!?!

Just a quick note.

I hope this one will reach you in good spirit and raise it even higher;)

It is an article published in Medical News Today, on March 8th that talks about an MS-like disease’s harmful cells being blocked in mice from entering the brain:

A good start…now we need more great results…and a real MS;)