Cladribine – adios…

Unfortunately, today it was announced that Merck will no longer seek approval for the MS pill Cladribine due to the fact that regulators requested new clinical trials…

What does this mean? they won’t do the clinical trials required by the FDA & EMA as it will take them years before they finish these… but of course, we all know that this would imply a significant additional cost to the drug itself.

So what does this mean (besides the fact that we’re just money-making victims of a system selfishly and unfairly focused on the bottom line) ? Well, that we’re (unfortunately?) left with only one option for MS pill-treatment for the time being : Gilenya. And not only that, but apparently, this pill isn’t as efficient as ie. Tysabri, from what I heard from my doctors.

All those clinical trials gone to waste…? shame, we won’t have another pill option for the time being, but we can only hope that one day they decide to resume approval/trial and/or use their knowledge to develop an even better pill..;)


You can find the (more financial) report here on Bloomberg:

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