More genes than previously thought linked to MS!

A new discovery that came from a research aimed at finding out what role genes play in MS has now identified an additional 29 genes adding to a total of 57 genetic clues for MS.

However, it is still emphasized that genes play only a part in MS risk. Other factors, such as vitamin D levels and viral exposure are also believed to play a role. We know that the further somebody is from the equator, the higher his/her risk is (vitamin D from sunlight may be a factor).

The authors explained that T-cells and interleukins appear to play a major role in the development of MS. (…)

Co-author, Alastair Compston, from Cambridge University, said:

“We have implicated genes that are highly relevant to the actions of those drugs. It is now clear that multiple sclerosis is primarily an immunological disease. This is the way to nail this disease and get on top of it.”

(Source: Medical News Today August 10th 2011.)

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