Microchip for us needle “lovers”… !

I just saw this and I personally believe it is great news.. considering that I’m such a needle “lover”…!!

The possibility of using microchips in the future to administer drugs might be a sign of relief for many MSers, among other sufferers…

We are talking about an implantable, wirelessly controlled and programmable microchip-based drug delivery device! It provides a real-time dose schedule tracking and remote control for physicians to adjust treatment schedules as necessary as well as complete automation.

It has been successfully tested on eight Danish women for the treatment of their severe osteoporosis. But the company claims that it could be used for the treatment of other chronic diseases that require treatment w. injections. More trials might and will be needed, and they expect to submit it for approval in 2014. It is expected to be available on the market in 5 years from now.

To read more about this amazing technological advance click on any of the links below:






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