Shrinkage of brain region may predict MS

This is an interesting discovery… how the thalamus could become a biomarker for MS because it’s detectable at a very early stage:




Your own skin may be a clue for repairing damaged MS myelin!!

I hope this proves to be true!!

Great news reported today on BBC, lets hope it is going to prove useful in future MS research:


Hope is last to die! :)

Key Biological Mechanism In MS possibly identified!

from the article, a very interesting discovery:

Fibrinogen, a blood protein that is involved in coagulation, is not found in the healthy brain. In vivo imaging over different stages of disease revealed, however, that a disruption in the blood-brain barrier allows blood proteins – and specifically fibrinogen – to seep into the brain. Microglia – immune cells that act as the brain’s first line of defense – initiate a rapid response to fibrinogen’s arrival. They release large amounts of chemically reactive molecules called ‘reactive oxygen species.’ This creates a toxic environment within the brain that damages nerve cells and eventually leads to the debilitating symptoms of MS. 


And another new MS breakthrough!

Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) were rejoiced by their new discovery which, as they claim, stands a good chance of helping people suffering from MS and a range of other neurological disorders.

The discovery centers around high levels of a particular enzyme not usually found in the brain, but only in those with brain damage due to MS, stroke and conditions.

It is believed if researchers can figure out how to block the enzyme, the brain can repair itself, where insulating shields around nerve cells have been damaged or destroyed (!!!).

“We have a chance now of understanding a whole new process that’s preventing repair of the brain.  And we have the possibility of finding a drug in the next several years that could repair the brain in MS patients and other patients where this nerve sheath is destroyed,” said Sherman (the Lead Researcher).

The next step is to find a drug or combination of medicines that block the enzyme.

Read the whole article here.

Myelin Repair a Possibility?

This article is just great news… it isn’t a cure for MS, but it still provides with hopefully further clues so as to how to control and stop this disease, especially the caused brain damage.

Enjoy the read here and have a nice weekend!


Univ. of Adelaide scientists have made MS progression breakthrough

Hi all!
I know it is a couple days old news but it is still great news even re-reading it today! so here it is:

UNIVERSITY of Adelaide scientists have revealed breakthrough research that has the potential to help prevent the progression of multiple sclerosis.

The researchers successfully halted the autoimmune disease in mice. This is the best news ever (for me:) 

MS was halted in mice – now all we have to do is test this on humans as well and hope for a major story changer!! :o) :o) :O)

Read more here:

Breakthrough in Adelaide 

and keep your heads up, there are lots of other news covering diverse research progresses it is amazing! 
HOPE IS LAST TO DIE!! :) :) :)


MS Disability linked to sodium buildup in brain

A recent article (Medical News Today) has suggested that a sodium buildup in the brain is related to disability in patients with MS.

The study found that for early-stage MS, specific brain regions were affected. However, for patients witha more advanced MS the accumulation was found throughout the whole brain.

Sodium buildup in motor areas of the brain correlated directly to the degree of disability seen in the advanced-stage patients“.

– a 3T sodium MRI scan can detect the sodium buildup in the brain:

Brain sodium MR imaging can help us to better understand the disease and to monitor the occurrence of neuronal injury in MS patients and possibly in patients with other brain disorders“.

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