Personal diary – MS Spasms abruptly disturb a quiet night’s sleep

hi, it has been a while.. and this is an unusual post from me… but… Im scared.. :/

I had a very strange and painful incident this Sunday. My whole body was spasming/twitching in the middle of the night (at about 3am). It lasted a good 20-30mins:( After I took some paracetamol and drank a bit it went away. The strange thing is that it was just like the flu like symptoms I had after my first interferon/avonex injection (as expected, being a side effect), but I haven’t had it since then..and that was ages ago (2005!)

And so yesterday my whole body was aching and even before I went to bed I could feel it in my arms and legs. Not the spasming, but more like pain in the muscles/joints. And every time when I got up to pee last night I had such difficulties walking because my right foot went completely numb! :(

I stayed at home today, couldn’t go to work :( Luckily I have a Tysabri appointment later this afternoon so I will talk to a doctor, see what he/she can tell me.

So what does my mind start wondering about..? I am thinking of it nearby? Is it time? Just thoughts going through my mind..stupid thoughts. Will my boyfriend stay with me despite my potential disabilities? Although he really truly does love me, and I know that, can’t help but worrying on his behalf if he ends up with a challenged girlfriend…even though I know he knew from the beginning what MS could bring… silly huh? maybe you’ve had the same thoughts going through your head.. I just always think of the OTHER person, and how do OTHERS feel and how would this/that make THEM feel – it seems I always put others first rather than me, and my feelings and needs. I might need to work on that… but maybe it is just the way I am and I wont be able to do anything about it..

Just so you know, I have been on Tysabri since January 2009 (after Avonex failed on me following 4 years of weekly injections *chills*) and I have been very happy with it. I also have been confirmed, and re-confirmed that I (unfortunately) also carry the JC Virus.

Anyways, I am worried but I hope it is just a bad relapse… You are more than welcome to share your experiences with me, I’d be happy to hear from you!

Thanks! and stay positive;)


Alemtuzumab & MS

A few days ago (April 15th 2010), Medical News Today reported on the use of Alemtuzumab for the treatment of MS. The research in question reported that a significant percentage of MS patients who received Alemtuzumab remained free of clinically-active disease.

More precisely, 71% of the patients treated with alemtuzumab remain free of clinically-active disease as much as three years after most patients received their last course of the investigational compound. The data were presented at the American Academy of Neurology annual meeting.

This trial was compared Alemtuzumab to Rebif® (interferon beta-1a) in patients with early, active, and relapsing-remitting MS, who had received no prior therapy. For the details of the trial and more on the results visit the Medical News Today website link to the right ; )

What I think is important to highlight from this trial is that researchers believe Alemtuzumab to target the immune system cells responsible for the cellular damage (found in multiple sclerosis), while sparing other immune system elements.

Does Childbirth Slow MS…?

Pregnancy & MS… a rather interesting notion.. there have been many reports on the fact that pregnant women with MS have no ‘attacks’ during… that is to say, they go into a state of remission while pregnant.. It is amazing how the body ‘naturally’ reacts to protecting both the child and mother during pregnancy.

On this note… on Nov. 24th 2009, a Belgian study was reported as suggesting that giving birth actually slows the progression of MS. In the study it was found that women who had given birth to one or more children at any point in time before or after the start of symptoms were 34% less likely to progress in disability than childless women.

Despite some of the study’s drawbacks (you can read more on these by clicking on Medical News Today under ‘links’) it can be argued that it is a stepping stone for further research aimed at discovering the relation between disease progression & pregnancy…

Regarding pregnancy & MS… I’d like to add that it is also known that postpartum women with MS experience their worst relapses thus far.. : (

More good news for MS in relation to vitamin D intake!

Medical News Today reported on Nov 19th that vitamin D may play a role in preventing relapses for us MSers=)

I have already reported on other MS & vitamin D research done where vitamin D has been shown to play a role in preventing MS. But this new research seems to show how it might also prevent relapses from occurring..

Thus, as you can see, there is a growing evidence of the link between vitamin D and MS. However, more research is needed as these are still early studies…

For more information follow the Medical News Link to the right.