Tysabri doctor check up…

So I had my doctor’s appointment the other day…among other things we discussed CCSVI of course.. as it is on my mind, ‘thankfully’ due to all the presence in the media..

Not surprisingly my doctor was apprehensive towards CCSVI in relation to MS.. In fact, even though she is interested and believes in encouraging further research in the field, she said something interesting.. at least interesting to me, as I haven’t heard/read it before. or maybe I have just that my brain has deliberately ingored it? whatever the case I thought it might be interesting to others as well so I’m writing it here.

Being a neurological disease, it does not come as a surprise that there might be a chance of having CCSVI (and “might be”.. ‘cuz not all MSers have it). What’s more… it is thus also present in other neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s. Now, this I don’t remember having read.. I have the impression that most media concentrated on CCSVI and MS..or is it just me?

She of course encouraged me to read thoroughly on the topic from only “reliable sources” such as the various MS organizations..before I decided what to do…but still, at this point, disencouraged further action..

Keep it cool; )


To CCSVI or not to CCSVI… that is the question.

We’ve all heard about CCSVI… and have our hopes high that these claims will be confirmed soon…while some are already undergoing necessary treatments others question the research and raise an alert tone…

Many still question what Zamboni claims… one can’t but wonder if his claims are indeed 100% correct or if the various critics should be paid attention to before undergoing this “risky” procedure…(and note the use of quotation marks..)

I’d really love to do it if it is proved through more trials that it indeed works.. until then I can only hope that those of you considering to undergo this procedure have had all the necessary information about it ; )

…so here is what Medical News Today reported on August 3rd:

CCSVI questioned

and another article on this too: more questions

Antihypertensive seems to help MS!

I have just started on a new job so I have been absent for some time but nonetheless I keep track of the important findings in the MS field and report these here.. ; )

On July 29th Medical News Today reported that an antihypertensive drug might be beneficial to patients with MS. This is great news as it is yet another discovery about a drug that already exists for the treatment of other conditions (in this case high blood pressure) but can benefit MS as well…

In fact, researchers found out that this antihypertensive drug could actually keep inflammation in MS under control…:

“The peptide angiotensin not only raises blood pressure but also activates the immunological messenger substance TGF beta on a previously unknown communication pathway in the brain.”

That is, the drugs that block the angiotensin receptors (AT1R blockers) are prescribed to millions of people to lower high blood pressure. The AT1R blockers have now also been found on various organs and cells that have nothing to do with regulating blood pressure, such as the T cells of our immune system. These are the immune cells involved in autoimmune reactions and chronic-inflammatory diseases (ie. MS).

Now… all they have to do is test these drugs on people with MS to confirm the findings… yay ; )