MS Disability linked to sodium buildup in brain

A recent article (Medical News Today) has suggested that a sodium buildup in the brain is related to disability in patients with MS.

The study found that for early-stage MS, specific brain regions were affected. However, for patients witha more advanced MS the accumulation was found throughout the whole brain.

Sodium buildup in motor areas of the brain correlated directly to the degree of disability seen in the advanced-stage patients“.

– a 3T sodium MRI scan can detect the sodium buildup in the brain:

Brain sodium MR imaging can help us to better understand the disease and to monitor the occurrence of neuronal injury in MS patients and possibly in patients with other brain disorders“.


MS damage reversed in mice model of MS!!

This is just great news!!!

Science Daily published an article about the research that the Mayo Clinic has been doing with regards to reversing the damage that MS causes to the nerves (both regenerating and repairing them!!) – and the results seem promising!! :) :) :)

we’re getting there…. :-)